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Mindfulness-centred Life & Business Coach, Hypnotherapist, Facilitator, Speaker

For you - your Business, Career, Vocation, Relationships, Family, or other areas of life.

* Certified Trauma-informed & Trauma-attuned

Online, On-Site, In Nature.

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Meet Dan.

• Doing Things Differently - Since Forever •

My mission is for clients to become deeply curious - exploring themselves, their lives, relationships/businesses towards leading compassionate, healthier, secure, sustainably enriched lives - connecting deeper in areas and aspects of personal/professional life, business, work, relationships to achieve the outcomes that matter for them, discovering their own toolkit, resources, self-awareness, emotional flexibility, extra skills and more.

My main measurement's of success: The internal seeing and being of who you are with an improvement of mindset, holistic well-being and lived experience • Capable of showing up, actioning, performing, succeeding to your best abilities both personally & professionally • Exploring, designing, creating and living your own version of a deeply connected, compassionate and well lived meaningfully enjoyable life.


Who Are Farsiders?
Anyone who wishes to deeply show up in their world with humility and gratitude, acknowledge themselves and others with compassion whilst discovering greater
progress in life/business/work/relationships/family for leading a deeper connected peaceful kind sustainably balanced and enriched life. From entrepreneurs, start-ups, SME's, organisations, public sector workers, leaders, teachers athletes, artists, creatives, coaches, therapists, specialists, professionals, seekers, healers, peak performers & high achievers - to those who live high profile and private lives, alternative lifestyles, feel invisible in life, anyone in between or on the outside who wishes for greater freedom from the 'social norms' (whatever that is these days)!


I also help deeply struggling individuals, couples, families gain and grow in stability, safety & trust. Please inquire for pro-bono & low-bono packages.

  • Peak performers, high achievers & public profile's. Those who are needing to be in continual top form at any level, including elites, athletes, artists, creatives, where the stakes and risks are very high or there's a public profile.

  • Restless/suffering/seeking hearts who may be in the midst or after affects from type 1, type 2 or little (t) traumas, striving, grieving, mourning, sense making.

  • For the deeper Farsiders (and family members) post-therapy, 'in-tension' or recovery/rehabilitation/rebuilding of life. For those who have served in the military, armed forces or police, to those overcoming abuse, emotional trauma, substance use, prison service.

    *Certified Somatic Trauma-informed + trauma-attuned.

Deep Compassion, Key Connections, Well-being, Mindset & Confidence Matter

- Dan Silvestri

Dan Silvestri

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Modalities & Tools I Use: 

I blend life & personal performance coaching, counselling, mindfulness, NLP, hypnotherapy, inner understanding & self-awareness/reflection/exploration, creativity, body-work, breathing, timeless wisdom, energy, nature - and personal life experiences.

Specialist Services:

Upon succesful application I also provide;


Psychedelic-assisted work;

- Legal Psychedelic 'Ceremonies & Trip-Sitting'

- Pre/Post 'Psychedelic' Coaching Services. Mind training & life preperation, Aftercare, Harm Reduction, Education

- My highly unique Three Month Bespoke Private Coaching Support Programmes
- A yearly catch up/check in is included as part of my standard practice - always!

Psychedelic-centred approaches for specialist; Coaching, consulting, facilitation, ceremony, trip sitting services - for those working with psychedelics professionally - from artists, academics, therapists, facilitators, coaches, healers and businesses, where Psychedelics / alternative practices and emerging therapies are being utilised in research, trials or other.

My Approach & Style:

I blend a range of powerful professional modalities that empower emotional awareness and self-motivation for taking actions in ones life, business, vocation or career towards the outcomes they wish to move towards, personally/professionally.

I begin with stillness, silence, and disc
overy of inner peace, balance, centredness, kindness, compassion, self awareness, self love and mindfulness.

I provide bespoke multidisciplinary coaching to
embody and live a fulfilled and balanced life with clarity, stability, performance and progress.

I am a very steady professional who holds a confidential, safe and trusting space for you to explore, design, create, develop and grow. I'm deeply grounded, centred and passionate about my work - meeting you, your business, team, group or club - with where you are, offering humbling depth and breadth, delivering a neutral, stable and matter of fact approach with ease and calmness.

Balance, Progress, Self-Discovery

& Coaching

Talks, Workshops
& Facilitation

& Psychedelics

& Meditation

Mindful themes include:


- Quiet Mind & Peace - Stillness & Ease

- Emotional Attunement & Regulation

- Grounding, Centering, Embodiment

- Grieving, Mourning

- Deep Recovery, Rehabilitation

- Self, Relational, Soul-Discovery/Understanding/Management

Deeper Living & Embodiment?
See self-discovery section below

Ease your mind, become aware, centred & embodied.
Live a peaceful, nourished, sustainable life.

    - Bespoke Private Sessions

    - Free Monthly Online Drop-In

    - Workshops and Classes

    - Mindfulness - Meditation

- Breathwork - Bodywork

    - Hypnotherapy 

FREE monthly online deeper living session.

All are welcome to drop in.

I provide confidential supportive and empowering coaching plans for all people and businesses, and including; artists, creatives, athletes, entrepreneurs, high achievers, leaders, healers, therapists.

Coaching themes might include;
• Compassionate Awareness

• Life balance or transitions
• Career change or confidence

• Peak performance wellbeing
• Business & Entrepreneurship

• Life's Challenges, Blocks & Resilience

• Relational & Family balance/happiness

• And more...

Sessions take place online, on-site, or in nature.


From ad-hoc session(s) to 3 month (plus) long programmes available.

I also provide bespoke coaching for couples, families, groups and teams – especially those facing challenges or going through changes 
(also see relational coaching).

For my talks, facilitation and workshops click here


Life, Business, Relational Coaching

With Farside Project, I'm committed to helping people connect deeper, and lead compassionate, healthier, secure and more sustainably enriched lives.


From running your business effectively, work/life balance, enjoying your relationship & family life - with greater awareness and well-being, I have coaching plans curated bespoke for you, with where you're at and where you wish to get to.

- One to One (Private Practice)

- One to Two (Relational & Family)

- One to Many (Facilitation, Groups, Teams, Organisational, Community)


Are you on a journey of self inquiry, self discovery, embodied spirituality?


I work with a select handful of clients who are on a journey of deeper living, connection, relating. (Including specialist, therapists, academics, coaches, healers).

I provide legal psychedelic 'trip sitting' in Europe, as well as bespoke preperation and aftercare coaching - counselling - harm prevention education with psychedelics and plant medicine for a wide variety of uses.

From deep individual healing, acceptance, relational work, creative or consciousness exploring, or for personal/professional growth & expanded creativity/problem solving.

I serve, support, facilitate others to re-integrate their new perspectives with themselves, everyday life, family, and in community, or in their organisation/business.

Standard sessions:
For these clients I work using a various blend of mindfulness, meditation, coaching, counselling, hypnotherapy and compassionate self-inquiry to help them connect deeply to themselves, loved ones, their work, business, nature and the wider world.
Professional preperation, facilitation, and aftercare provided.
Ethical accountability support, and supervision also guaranteed.

There is currently a great deal of research into the value and use of psychedelics in healing, well-being, and overcoming emotional and spiritual traumas, as well as for self-discovery, creativity, exploring consciousness, problem solving and deepening ones lived experience.

I have been following psychedelic work on and off since having near death experiences (NDE's), amongst many deeply challenging life experiences in my early 20's.

I've been concerned with the speed and way in which psychedelics are understood, being used, how training is being undertaken, and what will be of the mainstream cultural acceptance should these types of medicines become widely accessible. 


In recent years, I was very fortunate to be offered a sponsorship opportunity to further my work and studies with psychedelics powerful therapuetic potentials on a facilitator training and integration programme with professional healthcare providers - Essence Institute.

I have been liaising with those who are carrying out research studies and teaching various psychedelic courses, regularly attending Exeter University, UK, and speak with other academics and creatives in the field globally. I'm also very grateful to be enrolled on Psychedlics Today highy esteemed 2024 Cohort 3  Vital Training Programme.


I continue to follow and remain up to date on psychedelic developments in England closely, with both the mainstream, and underground. 

I am also available to provide specialist coaching (and consulting) services to therapists, academics, healers, businesses, and organisations supporting, educating, or working with psychedelics, or supporting others using psychedelics. 

Pink Clouds

Live a Brave, Bold,
Better Life.

I'm available for private 1:1, couples, groups or team sessions

“I was struggling with anxiety and didn't feel I had the tools through previous attempts to control what I was feeling and how it affected my relationships. Danny was able to guide me down new paths to see things I hadn't seen before in an organic way, with nothing feeling forced.  All the realisations I came to were my own, Danny has a way of making you feel comfortable enough to connect the dots without doing it for you. Now, I feel my life is a bit more under my control, with a new found peace that lets me accept things for what they are. My symptoms have lessened to a point where I feel I can control them in a more measured way but I know Danny has my back if anything flares up in the future."

- Steve D. UK

“I came to the field both focused on ‘inner-work’, but also to psychedelic medicine, as a newcomer. The main factor I was looking for in a facilitator was trust. It was important to me to feel safe and in good hands, and that is exactly the experience I have had with Dan. His approach is the perfect balance of warm and caring, but professional too - and he knows when to push a little harder to get that extra depth or work out of his clients! Dan’s structured, bespoke and flexible approach to the whole journey has really made an incredible impact. The build up before ‘the event’, and the focus on continued integration afterwards using personal talking therapies has been invaluable. I really think it has made a deep and long-lasting effect on me, and I feel confident about my future having been armed with both knowledge and tools. I have had a transformational experience, and would recommend working with Dan to anyone who is curious about some ‘inner world’ exploration and finding some new ways to enhance wellbeing and your approach to life.”

“Although I wasn’t planning to have a second psychedelic medicine experience, I can say confidently in hindsight that the combination of the two has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. The combination of the medicinal experiences, and the integration work that Dan led me through (prior, in between, and following the sessions) all weaved together, somewhat magically, to create an incredibly strong therapeutic experience. I could not recommend working with Dan enough - his emphasis on the importance of the work in and around the experiences is unique, and where I believe the magic lies.”

- Sarah P. UK

"Would highly recommend connecting with Dan and Farside. I had been following a meditation practise for a number of months but found it difficult to bring mindfulness into my daily life. Dan has helped me incorporate mindfulness habits as part of my routine alongside bringing a real practical perspective to some of the concepts I had been struggling with. Thanks, Dan!"

- Tom C. AU

“As a longstanding client of Dan, I have had the privilege of getting to know him on both a personal, and professional basis, and can attest to his passion and thirst for knowledge in thefield of “personal development”.He is someone who genuinely cares about people and the natural world. In the process of getting to know Danny I have witnessed, first hand, his journey, and his strong commitment to expand his own knowledge in order to help others.”

- Christopher M. IE

The Personalised Plans

From ad-hoc sessions to 3 Month+ Coaching Plans
• Personal, Business, Career, Relational, Family •

• Progression |Transition | Overwhelm | Creativity | Stratergy and more 

All Hands In

Leadership, Team, Business,
Entrepreneurship, Career

Street Festival

Athletes, Artists,

Helping Hands

Self, Other, Planet.
Personal Performance,
Deep Compassion 


Love, Relational,
Family matters 

Talks, Workshops & Facilitation

Talks, workhops, faciliation

I run a range of online and on site bespoke session for organisations and groups looking to explore creativity, connection and healthier, happier living.


Mindfulness and meditation sessions Group facilitation • Retreats and special programmes • Emotional education  Psychedelic facilitation - Preperation/Integration + Harm Reduction/Prevention


Join our FREE monthly deeper life session

Meditation Inner Peace Centering

Check-in & discussion Group

Join Me Here

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I give talks on a range of themes and topics around embodied living, for schools, colleges, universities, groups, festivals, events and more.

A few themes and topics I include can be;

Deeper Conscious Living

Self & Other - Safety/Security/Trust/Intuition

• Childhood and Family dynamics/adversities/trauma(s)
• Relational & Connected Living

• Bereavements
• Abuse

•  Acceptance, Moving Forward, Survivorship

• Life after and beyond - crises/therapy/interventions/coping mechanisms

• Mental-Emotional-Physical-Spiritual Embodiment & Life Integration

• Connecting Intuition & Logic

• Re-building of Self & Life post burnouts, breakdowns, transitions

Image by Susan Wilkinson


Seasonal Focus & Plan Sessions
Breathe and flow with ease for the upcoming 3 months by focussing and planning your life deeply & fully for your next 3 months season ahead.


- Free Group Session: a quartely 90minute online group masterclass.

- Bespoke/Personal Sessions: work with me on a 1:1 retreat away day to focus and plan with a certified facilitator/coach.  A deeply restful and yet super productive day once a season - leaving from the day feeling restored, refreshed and motivated to fully live your life for the next 3 months with greater freedom, ease, flow.

Inquire and Book me for other informative and experiential broad or deep dive Masterclasses:

From Traumas, Emotional Awareness, Communication, Connection, Holistic Embodiment, to Relationships, Family Life, Psychedelics/Drug Awareness,

and more...

Image by Shane Rounce


As a multidisciplinary coach and counsellor with a performance background, I provide facilitation for a range of groups who require a skilled compassionately attuned facilitator who can hold space for your team, members or event attendees.

My work is particularly suited to events where attendees are exploring issues such as: self-esteem, self-image and to improving personal, family and creative or team building relationships.


I especially work with...
• Artists and creative groups
• Sports groups and teams
• Schools, colleges, and universities
• Wellbeing and mind body spirit groups

Let's connect to discuss further.

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