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Adjust To Life: Open Mindfulness Session

MONTHLY • FREE • ONLINE (50 minutes)

  • 50 min
  • Online - Online - Link provided upon booking

Service Description

☀️ Space. Presence. Peace. With Real Life Connection & Conversations. Well-being begins with you, and where you are: Today. We don't have to be struggling in this moment to meet, connect and learn a few life skills. However, this session is ideal if you are struggling with anything at the moment. Anyone is welcome to join with wherever they're at. An interactive, compassionate, nourishing hour out of your usual busy routine to be with others and unpack emotions, share where we're at, and gain some new skills and tools at the same time. - Gain a feeling like you're doing ‘something’ proactive for your wellbeing - Support in a community setting. Compassionate, kind, genuine and authentic people. No flush or BS, just humans holding space for eachother to celebrate, support, strengeth and nourish each other. - Gain some practical skills, tools and practice self-reflection to add to your wellbeing toolkit • Adjust to Life & Living with a Balanced State of Mind • Join me and others for this real life meditation and contemplation session. This is an easy going, compassionate, light, relaxing, interactive and conversational mindful contemplation session. What a mouthful. Simply put this session is with and for - Real people. Real lives. Real issues. Real experiences. Real journeys. Grounded in the reality of being human in this weird and wonderful life, this isn't another woo-woo session with bells and whistles to escape and by-pass reality. We are all present with ourselves and our lives, together. Whether you're new to discovering any types of mindfulness, or a deeply experienced fully credentialed zen/meditation master. It doesn't matter. What matters is we are in session together, and having a chance to contemplate, reflect, be seen and heard but safe at the same time. Whoever you are and whatever your current state of mind, wherever you wish to be or not yet currently, this session is for you. 😌 SPACE • PRESENCE • PEACE - Ideal if you've got a busy, stressful, challenging working or personal life/family life. - Also suitable for any artists, athletes, creatives, teachers, coaches, therapists, entrepreneurs, professionals, specialists, seekers, healers - to those who live alternative lifestyles, feel invisible in life, anyone in between or feel on the outside of life. I look forward to seeing you in session! Respectfully, DS. ⚡🤙

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