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MONTHLY • FREE • ONLINE. (60 minutes)

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Service Description

Join Dan & Rebecca as they host and facilitate a Free Monthly check in and mindful discussion group about psychedelics. Discussions will range very broadly and deeply, but each month will have a theme. Psychedelic preperation and integration is an essential part of the expanded state journey experience. - Preperation helps us have the correct recourses, tools and mindset before a journey. Including education and as much information as we need to be sure we're ready for a perceptial shift of our consciousness. - Going Deeper - The psilocybin ceremony itself can be a long day. Depending on what medicine of choice is, or whether going deep through breathwork or other means. This may naturally be a big deal. And so being sure that on the day the right things are in place to get the most out of the experience is essential. - Integration is the process of taking what you learned during your psychedelic journey experience and applying it to your life in a meaningful way. It involves reflecting on your experience, identifying the insights and lessons you gained, and finding ways to incorporate them into your daily life. Notes: Psychedelics can often bring up intense and profound emotions, thoughts, and insights that may be difficult to fully process and integrate into your daily life and with who you are. Join me, Dan Silvestri, and other guests, for a compassionate relaxing, soothing, interactive LIVE conversational mindfulness meditation session. We support all people preparing or integrating any psychedelic or plant medicines. We offer a space to process and reflect on your experience, connect with any emotions that may be present, areas of oneself, others or life that might be challenging to integrate after a rich and deep insight, and we may set intentions for how you want to integrate what you learned into your life going forward. This session is a great way to relax and ground yourself with whoever you are, whatever the place you are in currently, and where it is you are wanting to get to. A peaceful and restful compassionate space that is OPEN to all. Those struggling, those curious, healers, therapist. Anyone from anywhere is very welcome to join. May you discover peace, love and kindness for yourself, others, and with the world. See you in session. Respectfully, DS. 🤙⚡💛

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The South, England & Europe Dorset, UK

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