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Mission & Vision

• Doing Things Differently - Since Forever •

My Mission is to help others go beyond survival, and through awareness, achieve lasting transformation to thrive.


I help individuals, couples, families, entrepreneurs, businesses, leaders, and teams of all backgrounds to navigate personal, relational, professional challenges, foster safer environments, lead with compassionate communication, and develop trusting relationships, through deepening awareness, presence, and taking thoughtful action, and learning to thrive from an inside out approach.

My Vision is for more people to have a higher base understanding of Trauma, attachement, attunement, and power skills, experience being centred in awareness, and through compassion, co-operation and kindness, becoming consciously present, engaged and alive in all domains of life - connecting in accordance with nature, kindness, and forming peaceful, deeper and richer relations (without the fluff, by-passing or grandiosity).​​


From survivor to thriver - facilitating your developmental potential for lasting change.


Dan, the founder of Farside, facilitates and coaches in high-stress, high-performance or trauma-exposed environments, he offers various services, experiences, skills, tools, stratergies and solutions for lasting change.

He's passionate about helping people navigate complex situations, foster compassionate-leadership, teamwork, and effective communication, including creating safe and secure relational, parenting and family environments.


Dan embodies an inclusive non-judgmental safe and steady atmosphere which is a springboard for healing, development, and growth towards lasting fulfilment and success.

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My Approach

I blend a range of powerful professional modalities that empower emotional awareness and self-motivation for taking actions in ones life, business, vocation or career towards the outcomes they wish to move towards, personally/professionally.


I begin with stillness, silence, and discovery of inner peace, balance, centredness, kindness, compassion, self-awareness, self love, and mindfulness.


I provide bespoke multidisciplinary coaching to embody and live a fulfilled and balanced life with clarity, stability, performance, and progress.


I am a deeply steady professional who is passionate about my work. I hold a confident, safe, and trusting space, honouring confidentiality, and meeting you, your business, team, group, or club with where you are, delivering a neutral space for you to explore, design, create, develop, and grow.

My Story

"Questions of the mind, remain in the mind.
Questions with heart, unlock the universe."

- Dan Silvestri

Dan Silvestri is a Transformational Coach, Hypnotherapist - Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP), Facilitator, Level 2 Counsellor, with a background as a singer-lyricist, barber and entrepreneur.


He has a great love of the wild outdoors, adventure sports, art, music, creativity, and all of that great wholesome hearty stuff!


Outside: Dan grew up on the outside – with a rough and turbulent childhood, and experiencing a deeply challenging family life, the after affects of surviving adversities led to a variety of further difficult times as a young adult. His post traumatic stress, depression and anxiety, subsequently affected many areas of his life, personal development, close relationships and partners, businesses, and career.

He found a love and cathartic release in music, creativity and the wild outdoors. From surfing, skating, wild - walking, running, swimming. He loves spending a large amount of time getting into nature, and travelling in his van around the United Kingdom and Europe.

Alongside close old friends, and meeting new people, Dan became a writer and performer in various heavy metal groups. He played and performed live shows, as well as recording many EP's at various studios - a highlight includes recording at the famous Abbey Roads Recording Studio, London!

Sports, fitness, time in Nature, the arts and creativity are a large part of Dan's life, and have been pivitol to his health and well-being particularly during the challenging times.

Inside: As much as Dan had enjoyed many successes in his previous retail & service led business adventures, and most recently a succesful 10 year business career in barbering, several areas of his life were in-tension.

Dan stepped aside to breathe, and put his 'life on hold' to reconsider - everything.

Dan sought for deeper meaning, healing, growth and well-being. This took him on a very deep self-discovery journey, and it was as much about a journey for himself, as it was for those around him and his future career in helping others.

Dan discovered transformational insight, safety and inner-peace from his journey of self-discovery, it led to further formal training to learn how to deeply hold space and help others transform, Dan continued to become a professional practitioner and studied as a Professional Life & Personal Performance Coach (The Coaching Academy), Professional Hypnotherapist & Neuro Lynguistics Programming (Paul Mckenna, Steve Crabb, Tina Taylor), TQUK Level 2 Counselling Skills (The Skills Network), Certified Psychedelic Facilitator (Essence Education), Certificate in Integrative Psychedelic Studies (Vital, Cohort 3), as well continued  personal study, training and mentoring in deep mindfulness, energy, Qi Gong, and other various embodied somatic practices.

Dan now offers a uniquely humbling, deeply compassionate, kind, creative, nature centred, and matter of fact approach to his expansive work.

Life Today:  Dan spent countless years of his free time, restless energy and every penny whilst still running a business to invest and upskill himself so he could professionally and genuinely help and serve others with their life and well-being challenges from a multidisciplinary and creative approach.

Dan hasn't wanted for much other than to realise a dream of an emotionally connected, easy going and peaceful life - a life that's financially stable, safe, secure, with an opportunity to raise a family.

Today, Dan lives deeply connected, and an easy going and peaceful life. He works with individuals, couples, families, entrepreneurs, businesses, teams, creatives, academics, schools, colleges and universities and more.

He holds a compassionate and expansive space providing deep coaching, facilitation, talks, programmes and masterclasses, helping his clients discover more about themselves, their emotions, relating and business or performance related issues, so that clients can see and get the best of themselves, their relationships, work and life.

With great respect:

Dan wouldn't be in the position he's in today if it wasn't for compassionate and generous mentors, sponsors, friends, clients, and strangers, who have in some way or another, unconditionally offered their time, energy, resources and kindness.


The power and transformation of unconditional love, embodied kindness, connection and deep compassion goes much further than you may initially think...


Farside Origins: Dan founded Farside Project in early 2020, diverting attention away from his previous ventures and plans to run a compassionate diverse high end barbering studio, cafe, and well-being hub 'somewhere' in England. Dreams of a vibrant and bustling place for all.


The vision was of a high quality barbering and mindfulness studio with a sister cafe/bar. A place to just show up and deeply connect with others - no matter what was going on in one's life. A place to rest, breathe, and to just 'be'. The idea was to look good on the outside, feel better on the inside, connect and network with others.


Covid arrived, and many plans changed. Dan's own life was in a state of flux, and he also began noticing the higher amounts of stress, fear and anxiety rising in clients, and around the world. Having experienced such a challenging loss of emotional and financial control in his life years ago, Dan was noticing similar sensations, however his reactions were slightly different to the past, instead he felt propelled into a journey of deeply serving and helping others...

The plans were to up-skill himself and his studio. To begin blending barbering in the chair - with coaching, therapy, & mindfulness outside of the chair.


The vision was something for everyone to deeply relax, restore and feel nourished, whilst having an opportunity to unpack or work through challening sitiuations presenting in themsleves and their life, professionally or personally.


Early years, Farside gained success with impressive clients including Premier League Footballers, high flying entrepreneurs, celebrities, top level leaders, creatives, artists, among every day people with all kinds of really interesting backgrounds and lives.

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Laptop and Phone

A Space to Breathe:
Meditation & Mindfulness.

A FREE monthly online recurring session.

Discover a space to breathe, ease your mind, live a peaceful, sustainable life.

A quiet corner of the world for quality adult-adult conversations of compassion, peace, connection.

We check in and tune up - in the moment.

Learn about what mindfulness is, and how it can be applied to our real world lives.

Mindfulness - Meditation
Emotional Awareness
Inner Peace

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